Ideal Logic L2 Fault Code Error: What Does It Mean

The ‘L2’ means your boiler has lost its flame. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including that your gas pressure has dropped too low or that the flue has a a issue.

If you have a pay-as-you-go or smart gas meter and accidentally run out of gas, you may see this code displayed on your boiler. If this happens, please top the gas up.

Next, turn the power off on the boiler and then switch it on again. Restarting the boiler should clear the fault code. If this doesn’t work, it means you need to purge the gas into the boiler by repeating, turning the boiler off and on or alternatively running your gas hob also, then resetting the boiler every five minutes. 

This may take a while to purge the gas into the boiler.

If you have a ‘L2 – Ignition Lockout’ code on your boiler during the winter period, it’s important to check that a frozen condensate pipe is not causing the problem. . Call us on 07855382189

A man repairing a boiler