Baxi boiler E119 Fault/Error: What Does It Mean

E119 is an error code that can appear on a Baxi Duo Tec boiler, indicating a specific issue with the boiler’s operation. Baxi Duo Tec boilers are a popular choice for heating and hot water systems in homes. When the boiler encounters a problem, it often displays an error code like E119 to help homeowners and technicians identify the issue more easily.

E119 specifically relates to a “Low Water Pressure” problem. This error code typically appears when the water pressure in the central heating system drops below the recommended level. Low water pressure can lead to inefficient heating and may even cause the boiler to shut down as a safety measure.

Here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the E119 error on your Baxi Duo Tec boiler:

  1. Check the Pressure Gauge: Locate the pressure gauge on the boiler. It’s usually located on the front panel. The gauge should show a pressure reading within the recommended range, typically between 1 and 1.5 bar. If the pressure is significantly below this range, it’s likely causing the E119 error.

  2. Repressurise the System: If the pressure is too low, you can try repressurising the boiler. Most Baxi Duo Tec boilers come with a filling loop that allows you to add water to the system. Consult your boiler’s manual for specific instructions on how to do this properly. In general, you might need to open a valve to let water into the system until the pressure gauge reaches the recommended range.

  3. Check for Leaks: Low water pressure is often a result of a leak somewhere in the heating system. Inspect the system for any visible leaks, including pipes, radiators, and valves. If you notice any leaks, you should have them repaired to prevent further issues.

  4. Bleed Radiators: Air trapped in the radiators can also lead to low water pressure. If you notice that some radiators are not heating up properly, they might need bleeding to release trapped air. This can help restore the proper water pressure.

  5. Contact a Professional: If you’re unable to resolve the E119 error on your own, or if the error persists after trying the above steps, it’s recommended to contact a qualified heating engineer or technician. They have the expertise to diagnose and fix more complex issues with the boiler.

Remember, working with boilers involves potentially dangerous components and systems. If you’re not comfortable with any of the troubleshooting steps, it’s best to reach out to a professional to ensure safety and proper resolution of the issue.

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