Ideal Logic F1 Fault Code Error: What Does It Mean

The ‘F1’ means your boiler has lost its water pressure. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including that your boiler pressure has dropped too low due to a leak or that from internal boiler components could damage components in the boiler, or even plaster/floorboards if the leak is coming from pipework if it is external. 

A boiler should stay stable with the pressure gauge reading approximately 1.5 bar; below 0.5 bar, it’s going to stop working and would require repressurising using the small braided hose beneath the boiler casing (the filling loop)..

Once you have re-pressurised the system, keep a close eye on the pressure. If another F1 fault appears, this could indicate that there is a leak somewhere in the system. If your boiler’s losing all of its pressure in 24 hours or less then we are here to help. Call us on 07855382189