Gas Boiler and Fire Service

Boiler repair specialist in Bradford and Leeds we recommend all gas appliances in your property should be safety checked by a Qualified Gas engineer annually always ask for ID to confirm they are gas safe registered appliances should be serviced according to manufacturer’s instructions. Any appliance not serviced could leave you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Also have your gas pipework inspected at the same time as having a gas safety check, every year – For landlords it’s the law to have all appliances checked and serviced. Please Call AA 24/7 Gas on 07855382189.

Warning signs, you’ll want to get your appliance serviced right away:

  • The gas appliance is not working properly
  • The appliance is burning with a lazy yellow flame rather than a crisp blue one
  • Black marks/stains are evident around the gas appliance
  • The pilot light keeps going out
  • There is increased condensation in the room