Boiler Service in Shipley

Ensure your boiler is working safely and at full efficiency with an annual service.

Looking for a Boiler Service in Shipley?

We make sure that your boiler is working at peak efficiency all year round and our checks will be able to spot any problems that you may be at risk of before they become more serious.

Keep your energy costs down and your home warm with an annual boiler service. Contact us now for a free quote.

What does our service check for?

  • Safety and compliance with Gas regulations
  • Broken or corroded pipes that may affect your boiler’s efficiency
  • Issues with gas boiler controls and timers
  • Anything unsafe affecting your boiler, for example carbon monoxide fumes that may be leaking into your property
  • Any sludge, contaminants, or other blockages in your central heating system
  • Any risks of boiler breakdown that could occur in the near future

Did you know by having your boiler serviced

  • It can save you money on your gas bills as a poorly maintained boiler can run inefficiently.
  • It ensures your boiler is running safely. Every year around 4000 people are submitted to A&E with carbon monoxide (co) poisoning due to faulty boilers?
  • It can save you money on reduced future call outs and part related issues as we check the emissions and fix any minor issues before they spiral into a large costly job.
  • It will keep your boiler warranty valid, we will sign off the manufacturers service history booklet encase they need to call out under a warranty visit.