Frozen condensate pipe

As the cold weather approaches, we would highly recommend that all external condensate pipes are lagged, if the cold snap catches you out and your boiler stops functioning try to use hot water to defrost the pipe by pouring water along length of pipe and concentrate on the elbow out of the wall. If this doesn’t resolve the issue please call on 07855382189 and we will send an engineer out to get your house warm again.

Baxi duo Tec e119 fault

If you get the error message e119 that means you have low water pressure and it will need re-pressurising to 1.5 bar this can be easily done by watching the video on this link or alternatively use the internal filling loop.

Banging noise from pipes

If you hear banging pipes during , when you’re running the sink tap or filling the tub, or the kitchen taps or when the washing machine is running, you have a problem. Pipe knocking can have several causes, the Result is “water hammer,” which is pressurisation of the pipe after use, this can loosen valves in the pipe system creating leaks, loose support straps and pipework not spaced correctly, if not seen to, it can create leaks and damage the components on the system. Please call us on 07855382189.

How to repressurise a ideal logic boiler

Loss of system water pressure
indicates the central heating system pressure.
If the pressure is seen to fall below the original installation
pressure of 1-2 bar over a period of time then a water leak may
be indicated. In this event conduct the re-pressurising procedure
as shown below. If unable to do so or if the pressure continues to
drop it’s time to call in a qualified engineer
THE BOILER WILL not OPERATE if the pressure has reduced to 0.3 BAR or less.
To re-pressurise:

Ensure filling loop isolation valves are closed. Turn the filling loop isolation valves to the open position. The system will now fill. Wait for pressure gauge to reach between 1 and 1.5 bar. Close the isolation valves.

Replacement Boiler

The more reliable your new boiler, the less money you will have to shell out on expensive repairs

. The average cost of a boiler repair is £210 – which is massive incentive to pick

a reliable brand such as baxi with 98% Reevo rating. If you choose the most reliable brand of boiler, according to our survey, an impressive 63% are likely to still be trouble free after 6.5 year’s.

Boiler service Bradford and leeds

Appliance servicing

You should have your boiler and heating system should serviced once a year by a qualified engineer. This is to make sure that everything is working properly and to prevent any problems. With a annual service, your engineer should inspect all parts and looking for leaks and fix any issues, providing the level of expertise that’s needed when dealing with something as complex as your central heating.

Winter is when heating professionals are at their busy peak period. That’s why it’s so important to arrange for a servicing as early as possible, if you have not done so already. Beat the rush and you’ll make sure to avoid the hassle of finding an engineer. Call us on 07855383189 to book an engineer.

Overflowing blocked toilet

Backup of water from your toilet is arguably one of the worst, seen as it can cause mayhem . It may seem like a good idea to continue flushing if the toilet seems to be blocked, and not having access to a working toilet is difficult to say the least however, the water may carry on rising, causing you a worse problem. Best solution is to get an emergency plumber so call as soon as possible 07855382189 as it may not just be a blocked drain, they can assess the problem and find the best repair.

Emergency Plumber 24 hours in Bradford Shipley Leeds

If you need a boiler heating engineer or emergency plumber in Bradford or Leeds, We provide an efficient timely service. Our gas engineers and emergency plumbers can be at your door, usually within the hour, type of jobs that our emergency plumbers do then please note we are specials in emergencies from stopping your water leak, small repairs, large repairs. You may have a water leak outside under or above ground. Maybe you have a burst pipe or leaking outside tap. water pouring from underneath the sink, water leaking from your attic tank or cupboard, maybe its coming from your bathroom or your bedroom radiator is leaking. Whatever you require call us on 07855382189.

Whether it’s a boiler mishap, leaking or burst pipes, dripping water cylinder or  mains stopcock, we can a have gas engineer or emergency plumber out within the hour to make your property safe and dry.

All our gas engineers and emergency plumbers have a minimum of  at least five years experience. We carry most common parts in their van, , unless they are specialist parts. We repair most jobs on the first fix and 75 percent of our custom is return business.

Boiler Plus

This April, legislation around heating manufacture and installation in the UK has changed, and there are some big changes ..

These changes have been introduced by the government. They address the energy efficiency of heating systems and have raised the bar for both manufacturers and installers.

  • Gas boiler performance: space heating efficiency
  • Time and temperature control requirements
  • Combi boiler installations must also include one of the following: Weather compensation, Load compensation, Flue Gas Heat Recovery, Smart controls.

AA24/7 Gas Heating & Plumbing are fully qualified engineers that professionally maintain up-to-date standards in their work.