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Ideal logic combi 30 F1 Error/Fault

Loss of pressure in your system. The system’s pressure is determined by the amount of water it contains.

It’s likely you’ll see the code and a flashing light on the front of your boiler. The appliance won’t work again until the pressure issue is fixed, and the boiler is reset.

Causes Of The F1 Fault Code

In the simplest scenarios all that needs to be done, is to add water to the system via the filling loop.

However, if the system pressure is dropping, this indicates there could be a leak. This needs to be fixed before you increase your boiler’s pressure, otherwise your property/boiler could be subject to water damage.

Fixing The F1 Fault Code


  1. Test The Pressure Sensor

If your boiler is sitting between 1-2 bar (1.5 bar is ideal), pressure isn’t the problem. However, that isn’t to say your boiler knows that the pressure is correct.

It’s the job of the water pressure sensor to tell the printed circuit board (PCB) whether the pressure is too high or low. If it’s not doing its job and giving the PCB false signals, the boiler won’t work, and the F1 fault code will be displayed.

So, your heating engineer will want to test the water pressure sensor; it might need replacing.

  1. Lack of Pressure, or Pressure Loss?

If the pressure is lacking (i.e. sensor isn’t the issue), you’ll need to determine whether the problem is a lack of pressure, or loss of pressure.

A lack of pressure will require the boiler to be topped up with water via the filling loop (see how to increase boiler pressure below).

However, if the boiler pressure is consistently dropping, that’s a sign of a leak. You’ll want to get the leak fixed before topping up the boiler’s pressure, otherwise you could have expensive repair bills for internal boiler components due to water damage, or even plaster/floorboards if the leak is coming from pipework.

You’d expect a boiler to stay stable at 1.5 bar. Below 0.5 bar it’s going to stop working. So, is the boiler dropping pressure after it’s topped up?

  1. Finding Leaks

Naturally, the next step is to find leaks. Even the smallest leak is going to mean water loss over time, and that means pressure loss too.

Your heating engineer will systematically check things such as:

  • Radiators and towel rails for pinholes
  • Copper pipework for pinholes or loose joints
  • The boiler’s pump and heat exchanger.

In most cases, the leak will be coming from one of the above. It needs to be fixed before increasing your boiler’s pressure. Call us on 07855382189

Ideal logic bolier F1 Fault Code

Valliant F28 Fault in Shipley

No supply of gas. A very common reason for the Vaillant/Glow-worm F28 fault displaying is that no gas is being supplied to the property. Perhaps this is because you have run out of credit, faulty smart meter or maybe the gas meter is off, or there may be with the a problem with the company that supplies your gas. Before you call AA247 Gas, test some other gas applies in the home, for example your gas hob. If these are lighting and working normally, you can be confident that the fault lies specifically with the boiler. Call us on 07855382189

Boiler Service in Shipley

Boiler service in shipley

Ensure your boiler is working safely and at full efficiency with an annual service.

Looking for a Boiler Service in Shipley?

We make sure that your boiler is working at peak efficiency all year round and our checks will be able to spot any problems that you may be at risk of before they become more serious.

Keep your energy costs down and your home warm with an annual boiler service. Contact us now for a free quote.

What does our service check for?

  • Safety and compliance with Gas regulations
  • Broken or corroded pipes that may affect your boiler’s efficiency
  • Issues with gas boiler controls and timers
  • Anything unsafe affecting your boiler, for example carbon monoxide fumes that may be leaking into your property
  • Any sludge, contaminants, or other blockages in your central heating system
  • Any risks of boiler breakdown that could occur in the near future

Did you know by having your boiler serviced

  • It can save you money on your gas bills as a poorly maintained boiler can run inefficiently.
  • It ensures your boiler is running safely. Every year around 4000 people are submitted to A&E with carbon monoxide (co) poisoning due to faulty boilers?
  • It can save you money on reduced future call outs and part related issues as we check the emissions and fix any minor issues before they spiral into a large costly job.
  • It will keep your boiler warranty valid, we will sign off the manufacturers service history booklet encase they need to call out under a warranty visit.