Banging noise from pipes

If you hear banging pipes during , when you’re running the sink tap or filling the tub, or the kitchen taps or when the washing machine is running, you have a problem. Pipe knocking can have several causes, the Result is “water hammer,” which is pressurisation of the pipe after use, this can loosen valves in the pipe system creating leaks, loose support straps and pipework not spaced correctly, if not seen to, it can create leaks and damage the components on the system. Please call us on 07855382189.

How to repressurise a ideal logic boiler

Loss of system water pressure
indicates the central heating system pressure.
If the pressure is seen to fall below the original installation
pressure of 1-2 bar over a period of time then a water leak may
be indicated. In this event conduct the re-pressurising procedure
as shown below. If unable to do so or if the pressure continues to
drop it’s time to call in a qualified engineer
THE BOILER WILL not OPERATE if the pressure has reduced to 0.3 BAR or less.
To re-pressurise:

Ensure filling loop isolation valves are closed. Turn the filling loop isolation valves to the open position. The system will now fill. Wait for pressure gauge to reach between 1 and 1.5 bar. Close the isolation valves.